Bellevue Baptist Church

  • Event Time 6:15 AM-7:30 AM
  • Event Start Date April 29, 2015
  • Event Location 2000 Appling Rd.

Event Speakers

There is no one that cares more about your child’s spiritual well-being than you as a parent. As your child moves into the tween and teen years, maintaining an active spiritual presence in their life can become difficult. When we stop doing the hard work of spiritually connecting with our growing children, that relationship is strained and other influences can take root instead. Although the job of a parent can be unheralded, but the reward is amazing when we see God using our children for His glory.

Brian will walk you through the process of building a spiritual foundation in your child’s life, teaching them to personally connect with God, walking with them through moral failures, celebrating God’s work in their life, and finally releasing them into wholeness and holiness.

Regardless of where your child is spiritually, God wants you to partner with Him in shaping your child into the person God made them to be. There is no greater invest you will make in your life than the time and love you pour into your children to understand who God is and their place in His world. Come and join us other parents as we learn together how to create a lifelong spiritual relationship with your children.