When it comes to relating to their teen, parents often feel tension and confusion. They get angry and blame the culture for the problems in their family. They make decisions for their teens out of fear, trying to protect them and shelter them from “the world.” Raising Responsible Teens in a Digital World offers a refreshing perspective on guiding teens with a more balanced approach.

This book brings parents face to face with unhealthy responses to the culture, such as developing an “us vs. them” mentality. It invites parents to move toward their teen’s world, becoming a redemptive influence in every aspect of their teen’s life. Ultimately, this conversational book guides parents and teens to work as a family, redeeming the culture through genuine love and selfless service.

Being a parent is an incredibly rewarding and redeeming experience. And not simply in the sense that God is using you to help shape your teen, but in the sense that God uses the experience to help shape you. When you let God engage your heart while you’re engaging your teen’s world…wow, that’s when the magic starts to happen. But don’t take our word for it–read the first chapter yourself.


What Others Have Said

“How You Always Meant to Parent helps you to know only identify your greatest objective as a parent, but then walks you through how to accomplish it. Brian has written the textbook on how to relate spiritually to your children.”
— Jeremy Lee, Founder of ParentMinistry.net


“Brian’s writing isn’t merely wise counsel. His passion and encouragement makes you believe that you have what it takes to be the parent your kid needs.”
–Scott Rubin, Middle School Pastor, Willow Creek Community Church


“How You Always Meant to Parent is a wise, practical and insightful book that will help you to successfully launch your son or daughter into adulthood.”
–Bob Lepine, Co-host of FamilyLife Today Radio

“Brian has a gift for identifying and navigating the unique challenges that every parent faces. After reading How You Always Meant to Parent, I am now equipped more than ever to not only raise my kids but support other families as well.” 

–Frank Beamer, Family Pastor at Elevation Church


“Get out the highlighter and prepare to be intentional! In How You Always Meant to Parent Brian will teach you how to help your kids to love and obey God, walk with him, and make him famous.”
–Bryan Robertson, CEO of FamilyWalk.org


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